8 thoughts to “Dallas T. Washington – Pages 14-15”

  1. I don’t like this.

    Not the comic itself, that’s absolutely fine.

    I mean the continuity thing.

    Listen, I’m a big fan of the comics that you Toonhole people produce. That should tell you I’m not smart enough to remember something that happened two days ago.

    It’s even worse on weekends.

    1. Hey izzy. Actually thank you for your polite but clear criticism.
      Although were experimenting and trying new things we know the formatting and navigation is an issue and we’re working on it. I hope with navigation fixed you’ll give Dallas and any other small comic experiments another shot.

      But if you stick around for at least 2 more Dallas releases I promise you the next week’s pages will be a knockout.

      Anyway, thanks for reading!

      1. I agree with Izzy for the most part. I think it might be better to stick them up at once and make them easier to read. I often too find myself upon a new page and forgetting what happened last. But it’s good to know you guys are working on it, so complaint is mostly moot.

        I still like it though! Luckily, the pages so far have been more action oriented too, so it doesn’t quite matter. It’s looking good either way. I really enjoy the experimental stuff.

        Will Chris or anyone else be trying another long comic series too? Like Lou the frog again?


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