Couples Hypnotist

13 thoughts to “Couples Hypnotist”

    1. Actually, hypnotism is very real. It just depend on how susceptible you are. But instant stuff like in this comic only works with few people.

        1. At my brother’s high school grad party, everyone was locked in Andretti’s Speed Lab for a whole night. One kid was hypnotized to steal everyone’s shoes.

          He did so for the next 8 hours and didn’t stop at all.

        2. real like evolution. it puts you in a trance state with deep brain waves. you become more susceptible to suggestions though you wont do anything you believe to immoral deep down.

          1. If what you will do is relative to your morals I hope for everyone else’s sake I am never hypnotized .

  1. Um… I met a few sexist and racist people and I have to say making their delusions come out of my mouth made them believe them even more. I think I ruined maybe a hundred people’s lives… *shrug* Oh well.

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