32 thoughts to “Congress Woman”

    1. These are good picks for the club scene playing top 40 tackrs. If you’re on another scene, obviously this may not appeal to you. Also, I don’t know if it’s still coming out this summer, but I feel like J. Cole (AKA BET’s 2011 Best New Artist) is finishing up his album, and that is more anticipated than some of these..and Bad Meets Evil with Eminem and Royce Da 5’9 is bound to be hot.(SN: Anybody else notice the pregnant chick at 0:33 modeling the neon 40oz in that DJ Khaled video? Man, these girls are really out here running the world! like that though?)

  1. the amount of the “Bubbles on a stick” looking thingy in the background are changing… in the first and third pannel are 6 in the second 7… same as the amounts of feathers… and you know what? Good job! This shows, that you are no filthy copy paster!… well at least no copy paster…


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