Company Is Saved

44 thoughts to “Company Is Saved”

          1. Quick, change the text to:
            “Um, Sir, that chart shows our loses”
            or whatever you call the opposite of profit

  1. Two things: Megusta WAS here for a tiny while. I KNOW, I SAW HIM! However comments went to shit and I guess his/her/its comment got BLOOP-ified. So, although we didn’t beat the bot, LET’S JUST SAY WE DID! Congrats everyone 😀

    1. Sorry about that Samantha. We had a technical problem for a couple days. We couldn’t make NEW posts and comments wouldn’t upload. All is back to normal now. Thanks for being patient with us. And thanks for commenting this time 😀

  2. I’m actually starting to doubt whether I got the joke or not. I thought the joke was that the graph is the same both ways, but from the comments people are assuming the graph is wrong.

  3. I thought the fact that it was the same flipped over was done on purpose, and everyone jumped without thinking about it.
    I laughed harder because of it. At least 50% harder.
    And now I get a bonus chuckle because the comic artist didn’t do it on purpose.

    In other words; Great comic.


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