37 thoughts to “Coming Out”

  1. old but very effective gag!

    but two little things: where is the milk dispenser (and spoon) in the nexts pannels? Perhaps was his spoon too big… his spoon is too big… his SPOON is too big…

  2. They weren’t even betting on whether he was gay, they both knew he was. They were betting on how long it would take him to come out.

  3. A newcomer has arrived, from explosm.net. Really good stuff, I love the art / humor style. one of my new, favourite websites, for sure.

  4. Thats kind of what happened with my brother… but I got yelled at for winning that bet because they thought i knew all along…

  5. As a gay man, I approve this message. Seriously, recently discovered this comic and I absolutely love it. It’s nice to see an artist that doesn’t give a flying fuck what anyone thinks of it and just makes fun stuff to share with others.

  6. I came out to a friend I had known for 20 years. I sent him an e-mail, responding to his question about why I suddenly became a Democrat after being a rock-ribbed Republican my entire life. (He’s a Democrat). It was time to come out – but how? Oh no! He’ll never talk to me again! So I went on for 3 pages, actually brought up Moses for imagery (killing the Egyptian), and hit send. His reply: “Oh, I knew that years ago. But, you’re a Democrat? Wow!”

  7. first panel, tapping on forehead while staring down spoon – THAT’s how you express turmoil and conflict, not that wordy Chekhov shit!


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