10 thoughts to “Clown Car”

  1. “Perhaps you’d be interested in our new line of Mobile Tardis Gateways, cleverly disguised as road-going vehicles!”
    “Seats 3^∞ with comfortable leg room for 2^∞.”

  2. Well that’s pretty much either no car, or most cars, depending what he means. (Not counting Flatbeds lol) I wonder how many you could fit in the boot…

  3. Why’s the salesman looking at him so funny? That’s a normal amount of carpooling for clowns and latinos! 😀

    1. Hm…now I must wonder, does this mean that latino clown can stuff even MORE people into their cars? With both carpooling genius in their blood, does it double the ability? Or does it only count once?

      @_@ Its carpool inception!!

      1. Yes, consider it as an exponent. Regular clowns can fit 1×10^1 while Mexican clowns can fix 1×10^2. And Amish Mexican clowns from 3rd class can fit 1×10^4.


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