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    1. It isn’t a Saint _____ children’s hospital….so I gonna agree with that.

      And everyone knows God ain’t got no time for dat.

  1. Frame 12: Huge explosion, bits of children flying into the air
    Frame 13: Air Force 1 happens to fly over and a limb got sucked into a jet engine
    Frame 14: Plane hits a steep cliff, burning debris falls into the dense woods below
    Frame 15: Huge inferno forces inhabitants of nearby town to evacuate their homes
    Frame 16: Kitten got saved by army of firemen.

    So it’s a happy end afterall!

  2. Awwww…but I dont like my children charred….I like ’em raw ;_; that gas fire is gonna take all the flavor out of ’em!

    Oh well….Atleast God likes puppies! πŸ˜€

  3. Why is it “God” that’s watching out for you? Maybe it was Allah? or Minerva? or Odin? or Asur? or that blue guy with 6 arms? There’s a cornucopia of gods out there, take your pick!

    1. Um….don’t you think you’re kiiiiinda missing the joke here? The truck that they were ‘protected’ from just slammed into a children’s hospital…Kinda means no-one was really looking out for anyone.

      Or that’s one special dog. I can go with the special dog theory too.

      If it really upsets you on which ‘higher power’ person they use, go make your own comic and use all those gods in them. Sheesh.

    2. Just to be a little pedantic: Allah is the Arabic word for God. Saying God (English), Allah (Arabic) or Deus (Latin) is exactly the same thing.

  4. I love this, very clever. a play on the fact that when people say god was looking out for me, they are implying “but he din’t give a fuck about all those other cunts”

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