Chicken Stereotype

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28 thoughts on “Chicken Stereotype

    1. don’t you know he’s only doing it for a friend? His white stoner friend needs cash for some more bud, but he’s too stoned to go do it himself. ;P

          1. Just let it be. Let them haters hate it. There’s a lot more people who’s laughing at it, even a (possible) black guy, so…

  1. Black humor is my favorite humor and the name itself is funny. But seriously, who doesn’t like a good sexist or racist joke? Or a joke about cripples.

      1. I found The Frumps from here, and they, like ToonHole, take up positions number 7 & 8 on my Wave 1 list of tabs to read!

        (Not the top 5, but only because your updates are not daily!)