16 thoughts to “Cheater”

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  2. is it weird that I stopped being angry about the partner cheating as soon as I got that it was a gay couple? What a strange double standard.

  3. Don’t worry, noah, the sketch is set up exactly like that.
    You heard the light-hearted music at the end, right? There you go.

  4. Cute joke, but I’m far too used to your humor that I saw the bi joke coming. Still, nice touch with him actually being naked. lol

    1. Actually, I guessed the bi punchline too. But what really made me giggle were their comments about her dress sense. It wouldn’t be so bad if she weren’t such a fashion dud, huh? XD

  5. Yes, this was very well done. At first I though it was the wife cheating on him with a scots man… well guess not.

  6. She’s wearing a tank top in bed. Clearly, the bra and silky panties we see outside the door must belong to the ginger guy!


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