Carnival Hammer

9 thoughts to “Carnival Hammer”

  1. To be completely honest, I miss the hilarious comics like the ones involving (fe)male specific body parts. I understand that it’s tough to compete with previously posted comics, without repeating jokes. I don’t mind waiting longer for those btw 😉

      1. It’s hard to finish booby comics. Looking up all that naked woman reference takes a considerable amount of time…and bandwidth.

        But on the real.. we make an effort to spread it out. Don’t wanna become just the “dick/titty joke guys” ya know.

  2. Dummies. The yellow sign in the second panel looks like some kind of strike or smash action splotch. So at first glance, it looks like Thor has slammed his hammer onto the plunger, and is struggling to hold on because of it vibrating or something. What’s with this face? Who drew this? All you guys had was good decent art before.


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