21 thoughts to “Captain Pushover”

    1. Also, really, you didn’t have your own handgun or pepperspray or a shockgun in that handbag? C’mon lady.

      At least try to protect yourself.

      Not even gonna guess why you were in a back alley in the first place.

      1. She has a gun pointed at her from inches away, pepper spray’s just gonna make him misfire, going for a gun yourself will get you shot.

        1. Actually most muggers demand ppl to get their wallet out (if they haven’t snatched it away first) in which case a concealed gun can be snatched out and take the robber by surprise.

          As for pepperspray or shockgun, I meant hit him when his hands were up. Or kick him in the jimmies. Whichever feels better 😀

          Also Chris….touche. Either that or she’s a prostitute…which in that dress and heels, I can see it.

        1. I mean look at that skirt, so short. Clearly a prostitute….or a hussy…HUSSY!

          Pushover is hilarious though Chris xD

          1. No, never said that, it was an observation of why she was in the back alley. Not why she was getting mugged.

  1. Why do all superheros skip leg day? Not cool Chris… I demand a set of monstrous legs to match the muscular upper-body next time.

  2. Pushover Man’s glove is not coloured correctly in the 2nd frame! It matches the colour of the guys shirt (The hand that is on his shoulder)!

    You’ve utterly failed as a comic artist :/


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