12 thoughts to “Burn In Hell”

  1. Aren’t misconceptions the greatest? I appreciate the joke, but I hope you know that isn’t Satanism at all, right?

    1. Statan is usually seen as synonomous with the devil even though Satan is really just a fallen Angel of God’s…. Not a Christian nut here, just a spiritual fellow who took an intrest in reading the crazy books.

      1. If you want to get technical about it: the devil is just another name given to that fallen angel, and there is no counterpart to god. Or so I’ve been told by people who believe in that stuff.

    2. “Satanism is a broad term referring to a group of ideological and philosophical beliefs.”
      So I guess you get to define all the subgroups all at once, right?

      1. I’ve noticed that regardless of belief, we could all be sent off with “hope you had a good time while you were here”


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