28 thoughts to “Broken Lamp”

  1. Children in bondage AND engaging in S&M games? I don’t know whether to be amused or appalled. This is a new low for you people, really. (That being stated, I think I’ll stick with amused.) It’s certainly better than actual corporeal punishment which many people have strenuous objections to these days.

    1. Yea and some people think that corporeal punishment is the only way to go. Who are you to decide how people should be raising their children?

    2. I’m concerned that everyone jumped to the conclusion that “junior” is a child, he could just be a small adult. :p

    3. You know that couples with BDSM fetishes do not really involve their children. I know some people and their kids are raised normally. What happens in their bedroom is their own business.
      If there is such a person that actually does involve his kids, he needs treatment

  2. I’m just not absolutely sure (never having worn a gimp mask before)…but, shouldn’t his words be all muffled? heh. j/k. I have.


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