25 thoughts to “Body Heat”

  1. I’d be more worried about suffocating from having the exhaust fumes back up into the car. That’s what happens when the pipes are blocked by the snow as they are here. But otherwise I kinda like this ‘toon. How about you?

  2. XD And he looked so happy….though in those cases you think he would be dealing with himself if he was watching, wouldn’t that have kept him warm?

    1. Nah, that would’ve been a waste of energy.

      Also, the last thing you want is an accidental spermcicle on the end of your willy.

  3. Hey! Big fan here. But with this comic, yes you noticed the lesbians, but you did not notice that they appear to be the lesbian couple from a prior comic who always had the same guy watching them be sexy lesbians. This should have been that guy!


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