Bilbo Baggins Airport

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  1. Damn that hobbit’s escape level must be maxed out! He broke out of the handcuffs AND snatched that weed in… ya know what? I never fully understood how much time passes by after each comic window. I always assume it’s instantaneous, but with this one, it could’ve actually taken awhile for the hobbit to escape…

    uhhh, I’m not so good at counting guys, so uhh… fifth?

    1. Well, lets use maths to try and solve this problem. In both panel 1 and 2 we can assume that the time in between panels is instantaneous. In panel 3 and 4 we can’t assume.

      Now, lets say that the conveyor and the baggage is stuck, not moving, and that the closest and largest airplane to us is stationary, and the clouds are also stationary. We can now look at the furthest airplane in the sky and calculate the distance it has traveled and how long it took to travel that distance. We are trying to figure out time here so lets use the equation speed/distance.The traveling speed for this particular airplane is around 600mph. The airplane moved about 1cm in the panels so lets just say the scale here is 1/6 (1cm=6 miles). Now we have to plug it into the formula.

      time=distance/speed, so .01=6/600.

      And there you go the time between panels 3 and 4 is approximately 1 second.

      1. Holy hell, where did you learn to do math? Something traveling at 600 mph will move about 880 feet in one second. To move 6 miles in one second would put it at 21,600 mph. And do you seriously think that plane is 1/6th scale? Let’s assume it’s a 747. Its absolute MAX speed might be 600 mph and cruising speed is between 560 and 570. This plane is clearly not cruising. It’s taking off. I’m going to say it has a takeoff speed of 180 mph and has gained 10 since it left the ground and is now moving at 190. Scale is not important. What is important is the length of the plane, 231 feet 10 inches. I’m estimating it’s traveled 4/5ths of its own length, which we’ll round to 186 feet. Moving at 190 mph it would take .68 seconds to go 186 feet. Not far from your wild guess.

        And yes, I have too much time on my hands.

  2. You can actually tell the time between panels by looking at the airplane out the window in flight. It moved only slightly so less than a half a minute I would say.

    1. I know, but in the big city full of broken glass and broken dreams scattering on the floor, even a Hobbit has his limits.

      But to compensate I somehow drew foot/toe prints on the ground.

  3. His clothes disappear with him otherwise his ass would be invisible but the clothes would give him away. I always wonder just what is the radius of influence of the ring. If one of the TSA guys hands was on him would the TSA guy disappear too or just his hand or none of him. And is he wearing socks in frame 3???

  4. One thing I’ve wondered since reading The Hobbit: why do Bilbo’s clothes and things he touches (like his pipe and weed) become invisible, but not the floor or anything else?

    Would EVERYTHING become invisible if it did? Is magic bound to physical laws, or does it simply play tricks on the mind?

    Damnit, J.R.R. Tolkien made me think!

    1. Also, exactly how long did it take for his buttons to become visible again after becoming detached from his waistcoat? Was it instantaneous, or was there a gradual fading of invisibility on the scale of microseconds?


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