Behind Every Great Man

11 thoughts to “Behind Every Great Man”

        1. Occasionally, like here, there’s a strip that has vague similarities to Ren and Stimpy. Not a criticism, just an observation.

      1. Hahaha, her name is Tory Ross. She plays the “misfit showgirl” in The Producers (2005). She can be seen in the “I Want to Be a Producer” scene.

  1. I’m offended. I don’t look like as sleazy as those two, Chris. That’s a wrongful representation of perverts such as myself.

    Please draw us classier next time. Preferably in a tuxedo & holding a dry martini.

  2. Excellent comic, I must say. However, since this isn’t a comic by John, I feel saddened that there’s no poorly worded criticism.
    So i’ll try to fill the void…

    Your comic is bad and you should feel bad because you failed to appeal to my extremely specific taste in humour. Please let someone else write and draw comics because I am unable to find another comic anywhere online that I enjoy.

    Ooooh, swing and a miss.

    1. Oh, but it WAS by Mr. Martinez, as you can clearly see by the name next to the date under the title.

      The problem is, the WHITE MALE PATRIARCHS of ToonHole take advantage of poor John, who’s probably chained in the basement, coming up with ALL the comics – in different styles, no less – & just sign their names over the good ones – well, good for ToonHole – while leaving the Hispanic saddled with the not so good ones.

      It’s repression, I tell ya, but criminals always make one mistake, eventually… and thus John Martinez was able to slip his name under this alleged “Chris Allison” comic as a cry for help, that everyone promptly ignored, possibly because ToonHole readers are all racists.

      I have proof of all this, call off the ambulance & the big, burly men holding funny jackets! ToonHole’s criminal empire is going down in flames! You’ll never take me alive! I will now jump through the window – naked – for dramatic effect!!!

      … call the ambulance, I have glass shards all over my godly body…

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