Beauty Standards

12 thoughts to “Beauty Standards”

  1. I would have just hired a hit-man, but you guys showed some real creativity! This is why you guys make the big (Canadian) bucks!

    1. I just realized that Toonhole is Canadian and I have to say; Holy Crap guys we’re Canadians one of the most foul-mouthed people in the world why so tame with the cursing?

  2. Miss Wilmore. Your doll portrays an unhealthy lifestyle. Both Physically and Mentally. And encourages young girls to be lazy fucks that blame others for their problems.

  3. The crying girl is a very nice touch, and it does beg the question:

    Should we traumatise the future generations beyond repair just so the current generations feel good about themselves?

    1. Consider it to be an inspirational toy instead. Here’s what you could be if you don’t make an effort and somebody pisses in your gene pool. Now put down the cake and do your make up little girl!


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