14 thoughts to “Beautiful View”

  1. It’s me in my room with my mirror.

    The only difference is that I’m laughing and after I realise that this is my reflect.
    Everyone has his problems

  2. I like this one chris. I know you probably hate hearing this, but I think this one could work with the last panel cut out, and might stick a little better. Make it seem a BIT more subtle, and a bit more smarty (I know you wanted to show off that they’re the same people better), but it’s not a huge deal. I’m sure it’s also a pain in the ass deciding what panels get cut and stay anyway, so I HOPE I’M NOT AN ASSHOLE FOR SAYING IT

    It was still a cute and funny comic and you guys are all great and deserve kisses.

      1. I think adding the last panel kind of adds to it in a way. Showing the extent of his narcissism rather than it just being casual.

      2. I personnaly think that adding the last panel make a total of four panels. Showing that the 4th panel is the final one of this comic.

    1. I think swapping panels 3 & 4 would bring out the subtlety Panel 3 being the big reveal ‘n’ all.

      Or, maybe panel 3 should have the left side cropped off to hide the billboard, but not the shortened hedge, with the guy saying beautiful with the Panel 4 pose, then Panel 4 being an uncropped Panel 3.

  3. Looking at the comment section, I see everybody’s a comedian.

    Well, I’ll be the bigger man, refrain from making a criticism & instead thank Chris & the rest of the Toonhole crew for all the free amazing comics they provide us with.

    Even if they can’t draw a proper tree.

    1. It’s not a tree, it’s a hedge!

      They couldn’t use hedge-trimmers to trim a tree and end up with a result like that. The tree trunk would get in the way!


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