Baseball Heckler

23 thoughts to “Baseball Heckler”

  1. Hahaha it’s funny because that would imply people actually go to Cubs games XD

    You funny Ryan.

    P.S, are you guys from Chicago? Because I remember in the one about a guy watching basketball at the game, you used the Chicago Bulls, and now you’re using the Cubs so what’s next? A comic at a Chicago Bears game?

  2. How come Hamilton is right handed, but smacked her with his left hand? Hey! Did Hamilton really sign with the Cubs?!?! signed…Die Hard Cub fan

    1. The joke isn’t domestic violence, the joke is taking heckling seriously. If you would calm the fuck down and view one bit of comedy without resorting to white-knighting, you would live a much happier life.

      1. If it is not about domestic violence / violence against women why did he beat her? He could have hit the dude that shouted, he could have gone to a divorce attorney… This comic IS about domestic violence because the author chose it to be.

    2. I hope you’re just trolling. Or else you’re taking this comic as seriously as the baseball player does with heckling 😛

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