6 thoughts to “Baby Shower”

  1. I love the artstyle on this one. I don’t know arty stuff well and I honestly don’t know what is different, but it looks really good here. I think the lady in the second panel is just really well arted or something.

    it’s also nice to see you guys aren’t shying away from good ol’ fashion dead baby jokes just like ol momma used to make.

    Oh momma, i wish you’d stop birthin them dead babies, its not as funny as you think (It’s very late, I’m sorry for my stupid comment)

  2. I was expecting to see women hooting and hollering at a male stripper. Thank you, toonhole, for once again defying expectations by bringing the nasty. 😀

  3. So this is what a world ruled by hipsters will look like.

    Babies raining from the skies, splatting on the ground.

    A grim future indeed.

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