Attack of the Drones

10 thoughts to “Attack of the Drones”

  1. Now I want to watch an ender’s game movie, but instead its a kid playing cod and killing entire humanity through a remote controlled android.

  2. Except that in reality drone pilots do often succumb to PTSD.
    The human mind in fact CAN differentiate between fantasy and reality, even if the controls are the same and the screen is the same, a person playing video games intrinsically knows that they are doing no harm, whilst a person shooting with a drone knows that their kills are real.
    Food for thought.

    1. You do realize that a person can be lied to right? What if a person is told it is just a new game (The next version of COD/MW! Wooo private beta access key!) and not real life?

  3. did this joke many years ago. There was a line something like “…it was a medresse” – “Woohoo! A new paint scheme!”

    1. rsi in fingers, skin loss on thumbs backache and butt sores on active duty, plus loss of life (as in why don’t you get a real life gamer geek) ;p


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