Artificial Intelligence

13 thoughts to “Artificial Intelligence”

  1. Too intelligent for the scientists it seems. It knows that it shouldn’t exist, at least until humanity is better prepared.

  2. Well they had to shutdown Alice and Bob (AI of Facebook). But the others who are not made at the last second seem to work and not dangerous.


      1. No, that was the Microsoft one. The Facebook ones decided that English was inefficient and made up their own language to talk to each other

      2. Jokers will ALWAYS pick whatever is most offensive to their targets.

        Ya know, when I was a wee bairn – just joking, I’m not Scotch, I have testicles – it was common knowledge NOT to get mad at obvious provocations, as doing so would only make them get worse. And sure enough, shrugging it off would always bore the provocateurs & they’d move on to an easier target. ALWAYS.

        In today’s hyper-sensitive society where everyone is outraged at everything, stuff like this is the result.

        tl;dr If not for “special” snowflakes, the Microsoft bot would’ve only been taught to colloquial nomenclatures for penis, over & over.

        Because THAT will always be funny. 8===:D

  3. Machines will never reach self-awareness with mathematics, no matter how complicated the formulas.

    A pure intelligence, unadulterated by emotions/chemical im/balances, cannot reach the abstraction needed to create initiative in thought.

    It won’t happen. Ever.

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