38 thoughts to “Arab Wife”

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        1. How the heck does a Jew even become a Nazi? That’s stupid as those Teaparty posters where Obama has a Hilterstache.

  2. I see the jewish owned media of usa finally succeeding in turning public opinion against arabs . Little by little…

    1. The hilarious part of your comment is that, by blaming Jews, you’re only further reinforcing stereotypes of Arabs.

  3. bahahhaha, definitely the most hilarious part of this entire comic was the guy blaming the jews for turning the US against arabs. clearly the fact that many people in the US don’t like arabs has way more to do with jewish bias than to do with the fact that arabs would say things like “You only dislike us because you are a jewish puppet.”

  4. Veils have been used even before the birth of Islam religion. The veil also shown as a status of freedom in ancient Sumerian society.


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