16 thoughts to “Anti-Semity Sam”

  1. I don’t know what’s more ironic, yosemite sam, a major American icon back in the 40s being a Nazi, or you guys using a Buddhist swastika rather than the offensive Nazi one (The Nazi swastika is turned right and is crooked, the one used in Buddhism is turned to the left and is straighten up like the one in this cartoon :>)

    1. Wiki knows all “The left-facing variant is favoured in Bรถn and Gurung Dharma; it is called yungdrung in Bon and Gurung Yantra in Gurung Dharma. Both the right-facing and left-facing variants are employed in Hinduism and Buddhism however, the left-facing is more commonly used in Buddhism than Hinduism and the right-facing is more commonly used in Hinduism than Buddhism.[4]”

      But, yea silly sam used a mirror it seems. He never was that bright though ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. That wouldn’t happen to be a razor from THE Weinstein razor company would it?

    Dammit Weinstein! A little quality control on your guys’ end could’ve prevented at least 1 documented genocide and a life of anti-semitic hatred.

  3. Poodicus is definitely on the right track. The symbol tattooed on Sam’s chest is actually a Manji, essentially a Left-Facing Swastika. Also being a Buddhist symbol of peace. One additional thing is that until Hitler’s re-appropriation of the symbol, the right-facing variant had a similar meaning.


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