Anorexia Help

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  1. That might actually work. Get the patient to do some modeling to help build some self-esteem, slowly integrate her into some bigger, wider dresses and before you know it she’ll be eating like a champ!… until she sees the therapy was too successful and has a relapse… and reverts back to a size -1…

    1. The real problem is that a model agency WANTS them to be -1 size.

      If fashion magazines dared to show 10-sizes or higher, we would see this problem dissipate.

      1. Funny story, some agencies are now trying to get their models to a healthy(or healthier) weight, and turning down the anorexic ones. Seems that enough models starved themselves into hospital or an early grave for them to get sick of all the bad publicity.

        1. Cynthia is a new author to me, I statred reading her books this year. I have read 5 and have the rest on my wish list as my TBR pile is soooo big, if I buy more books before I read these my husband will have a stroke! would love to read this one!


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