Al Qaeda Tapes

14 thoughts to “Al Qaeda Tapes”

  1. Atleast the knife is still clean 😉

    “Omar, bring me a new prisoner, take that lens cap off and play that Arab violin music!”

    1. Watched our housekeeper take a chickens head off with a butter knife when i was 5.. interesting experience

  2. I would criticize the humorous taste, but as my name suggests, I’ve seen Madoka and laughed at the coping mechanisms. I’m not one to judge.

  3. Nah, you can just sew his head back on for a retake. Totally works, I promise 😀

    Would Slenderbunny lie to you? <3

  4. hahaha, there was a scene in True Lies that this reminded me of, in the scene, the terrorist’s camera battery died in the middle of the death threat and the terrorist camera man was killed when he told the leader


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