After Much Deliberation

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10 thoughts on “After Much Deliberation

  1. Phenomenal drawing as always from Chris Allison.

    Maybe it shoulda been a black defendant, and an all-Klan jury, with a scared black guy foreman.

    Or the Klansman could look happy, because the judge is making some reference to a jury of his peers, as it’s revealed that it’s an all-Klan jury. As the black family of the victim watches in horror.

    With the current set-up, it looks a bit like all black folks are gangster low-lifes, and Klansmen are cute, chubby innocents. You could definitely sell this to some neo-Nazi publications.

    But I still like the designs and the composition and the hilarious fear on the foreman’s face.

  2. I’m increasingly starting to think these comics are racist publication. In not one strip has someone of a darker skin tone been shown in a positive light

    1. I’m sorry you think that Jane. Our comics are meant in good fun, not as political manifesto. So in my eyes, they shouldn’t be judged as such.

      And admittedly, we take some risks and push the envelope. We don’t always succeed, but we do put ourselves out there. It’s a risk. I think we’re getting better and better at it, so hopefully you’ll stick with us and see our progress.