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  1. Haven’t seen much of the show but aren’t they hanging out with some king and a princess he is obssesed about?

    Surely they could hook him up with a good job opportunity…

    PS. The Ice-king is actualy Stal-king. rimshot.

  2. Adventure Time takes place in a post apocalyptic setting (a thousand years in the future). One of the jokes for the older audience is that Finn is a uneducated and slightly sociopathic barbarian.

    Sorry, John. The creators of the show have already made this joke.

  3. Eh, there were other things there he could cook aside from Jake. Candy people for instance…

    (Seriously, still haven’t figured out how the whole candy kingdom hasn’t been eaten by any other kingdom yet. It would be my first target.)

    Also, in one ep of AT, it’s stated that Raincorns ate humans, and when those went extinct, they now eat soy humans…which they gave to Finn to eat after Jake protected him. Sooooo…yeah, maybe it’s soy human burgers?

    Hm….soy human burgers….interesting concept…not as good as the real thing, but still…interesting thought o.o

      1. Nope, not really; ‘sides, ruins good meat, gives them Mad-Humans Disease and what not. Terrible thing when a brain is all mushy and holey like swiss cheese.

        Think of the little Slenders people, think of them!

  4. Did you run out of time for a good strip this week? It’s okay, we’ll wait. But seriously…have you ever seen Adventure Time? I mean, besides knowing it exists, have you ever sat down and watched the show to understand what probably can and cannot happen in the show? I normally highly anticipate a new strip appearing here, but this was weaksauce.

    1. Dude he’s just making fun of the idea of some kid running about having adventures instead of going to school, and what would happen to said kid as an adult in our world.

      There’s a number of shows with the same idea (off the top of my head-pokemon), he just used AT since its pretty mainstream and recognized by most American readers.

      Don’t take the joke in context of the show, take from the idea there’s a wild kid running loose with a sword and not going to get his ‘edjumacashun’.

      *star sparkle music* the more you know! A public service announcement from Slenderbunny.


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