8 thoughts to “A Khaleesi Khartoon”

  1. Wow, even the way they file taxes is hard core… does the loser pay the tax or something? (it’s perfectly possible to pay tax fom beyond the grave)

  2. So, so super fucking bad.

    Toonhole – Experienced animators and illustrators being put to work on bad ideas from teenage boys

  3. I…Not sure what just happened, but the animation and all was amazing!

    And now I throw some sparkles
    (/) )/)*:・゚✧

    Cause sparkles make everything better. Yep.

    1. OOOOhhhh I get it now~! (had to play it so I could hear the whispering dude better XD) Good silly fun there!

      And now, more sparkles.

      (/) )/)*:・゚✧
      ( ╮)╮
       ̄ ̄ ̄

  4. Not one of your best boys, but honestly out of all the stuff you’ve done one unfunny thing won’t kill you. Most likely.

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