15 Dollars An Hour

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  1. I know a guy in Washington, he said they raised the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour, the only thing to come of that was lay offs or business closing because they couldn’t afford the wages and bills. Possibly only small business, but my local Walmart raised the hourly pay for the Cart crew to $9.00 an hour, and now they’ve had two hiring freezes within a few months.

    But hey I get your comic!

    Great stuff!

      1. *I* had an efficient business, the minimum wage went up so I cut the wage hours to stay in budget. eventually folded the business as I, as business owner, was only getting half of minimum wage.

        BUT. If the owner is reliant on a staff member, then they should be paid higher.

        BUT remember increase wages, prices must go up in an efficient business… but the more wages are paid, the more is lost into taxes, and prices go up…meaning lower waged people are worse off.

      2. Eh, the guy actually stayed in my town for two weeks house hunting. We’ve known for five years or so. And I can tell you first hand he is a conspiracy theorist type guy. Wanted to build a submarine in a lake in town so he could survive should nukes fall.

        I’m not saying he’s right, or a creditable source, just that that was what he claimed.

        I’ve worked for $7.25 an hour and it sucked! Give me the $15.00 any day without cutting my hours!.

      3. I live in Washington. First of all, the $15 minimum wage doesn’t take effect til 2017. Second, the wage increases are HELPING the economy more. People are spending again and it’s feeding back into businesses. Hiring is actually up.

  2. My friend John tells me that the minimum wage being so high in Australia has resulted in all minimum wage employees being replaced with machinery. Even little mom and pop cafes have robot waiters. The more u know.

  3. If your business can not afford to pay fair wages, than your business is not sustainable and should not be in business.

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