Between A Rock Book



Between a Rock and a Socially Awkward Place” is the first collection of gag comics by Chris Allison of notoriety. It’s not likely to be his last. The book is 100 pages of full color comics, including some that haven’t been published on the site before, and some that have been recolored for publication. The book has a softcover and is 8.5″ x 8.5″, a fitting size for toilet and coffee table alike.


“It is rare to find a cartoon book that makes you laugh at the majority of it’s contents. Chris Allison’s book does that and he is kind of new at this. Imagine in a few years!” – Sergio Aragones, MAD Magazine

“Chris Allison is one of the funniest, most talented up and coming cartoonist/animators around. Pretty soon he will be very famous and this book will fetch a pretty penny! So do yourself a favor and buy this book! Chris needs all the support he can get. He doesn’t deal well with rejection so it’s real important this book sell a lot of copies. Just the other day his shrink was saying ‘God help us all if this book flops!’ So get this book right away and make your friends buy it too!”- Bob Camp, creator of Ren and Stimpy

“Funny, dark and expertly illustrated. They’re the kind of comics I’d probably make if I knew how to draw.” – Matt Melvin, Cyanide and Happiness

“These comics by Chris Allison are offensive, vile and in bad taste… I wish I came up with them first.” – Michael Rousselet, 5SecondFilms

“Chris Allison’s Cartoons are shocking, provocative, funny as hell, and beautifully well drawn. (Can I have my car keys back now, please Chris?)” – Will Finn, Disney Director

“Better than my mom’s comics.” – Dave McElfatrick, Cyanide and Happiness


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