The Erudite Man

There is an inevitability in the fact that a mature, erudite man will come to an existential crossroad. At this juncture, he stews upon his life’s work, pondering the direction in which it catapults him throughout the universe juxtaposed with the trajectory in which he is flung inward. There is an inevitability.

And so we look at cartoons. Cartoons that smile all the time, make light of violence and fauna of the world. What about real issues? Things that MATTER? Cartoons have been funny for too long. That will change. Monday, August 2nd.

– The Cartoonist Formerly Titled Chris

One Bloodsplat Closer

Hey fellow T-holers! Holla atcha’ boy!

Big T-hole Mike here, just chiming in to let you in on what’s going on behind the scenes.

Making cartoons is tough work, but here at Toonhole we make tough work of cartoons. We’ve all been workin very hard behind the curtain, myself excluded, on providing NEW content and new types of content. But it takes time. Be patient, something’s brewing, and it’s not farts this time. Just know that we’re one blood splat closer to providing you with quality content not for your kids to enjoy.

Thanks T-holes! Keep visiting, and tell all your friends where the party be at.

Thanks for the support, we love you all…except SIL.

Hard(ly) working “Toonhole Mike”

post script:

I’ve just been told that we in fact DO love SIL. ¬†My spec sheet was upside down and the teleprompter¬†was covered in chilly-cheese fries. xoxo SIL.