Toonhole’s Invades Comikaze This Weekend

TOONHOLE invades Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles, California!  Come see us at BOOTH 820 this weekend Sept. 15 &16 if you’re in LA.


Hey So.Cal folks, guess who will be exhibiting at COMIKAZE EXPO in Los Angeles this weekend?! Well, yeah, there’s that one guy Stan Lee…but there’s also gonna be the internet’s very own, Toonhole! Yep, we’ll be slangin’ prints big and small, shakin’ hands, and passing stuff out. So stop by our booth and share a fake laugh or force a smile. At the very least, slow down and wink at us when you walk by.


We’ll be there Sept. 15 & 16, Booth #820 near Star City Games!

-The Toonhole Turds

Technical Difficutlies Resolved

We had a small problem with our comment and upload systems this morning. Thanks to the hard work of some well trained monkeys all is back to normal this afternoon.

We got a few emails because of it, thanks for the heads up guys.

All is back to normal. So you can go back to trying to beat ‘Me Gusta’ bots and showering us with your affections or lack thereof.

Thanks Toonholigans for braving the storm and being patient with us.

Your Pals,

Toonhole Mike and 6 well-trained-hyper-intelligent spider monkeys

Hemp Con This Weekend!

Hey there Toonholigan. Toonhole is headed to San Jose, California Tomorrow for Hemp Con (sans Ryan, he has to have his yearly beard trim). We’ll be there all weekend making stoners, medical marijuana patients, and comic nerds alike laugh; hopefully 1/2 the attendees are stoned and it’ll be an easy audience.  Also, come by our booth and buy some prints.

We’re there Friday-Sunday Jun 15-17 all day, small and super big prints. Admission to Hemp Con only $20. Sweaty handshakes are free.
San Jose McEnery Convention Center if you’re in Northern California.

Fri: 11am-9pm

Sat: 11am-9pm

Sunday: 11am-7pm


See ya’ll real soon!


Defend our Honor and Vote at ComicMix

Toonhole needs your help to win and important arbitrary internet poll. We need your vote at ComicMix NSFW webcomic tournament on who’s the best at comics and stuffs. This is round one, help us to push through!

Hey there Toonholigans….Toonholiners….Toonstituents….that’s it, toonstituents.

Hey there my fine toonstituents!  While you finer folk are enjoying your fine Sunday afternoon doing whatever the hell it is you do, Chris, Ryan, John and I are….doing the same. And that whatever for us is winning internet polls!
Help us toonsituents, you’re our only hope. (flickr) Help us toonsituents, you’re our only hope.

If you genuinely enjoy what we do here at, please help us spread the word by voting for us as your favorite (and classiest) NSFW web-comic in this tournament at ComicMix. Simply click over and tap the little circle radio button that says Toonhole…no no, not the one that doesn’t say Toonhole(unless you really like that other comic, in which case that’s totally cool but we’ll stop paying your rent……..oh wait, what?! Chris has just informed me that we pay nobody’d rent. I’ll have to send that to accounting and double check the numbers)

So do it. Do eeetttttttt.  Join us at Comixmix and please consider voting for us in the polls. It’ll be the best decision you’ve made in your life to date.  I promise it’s nothing like that time you invested in pet cockroach scheme.

If that hasn’t tugged your heartstings enough, take a moment to consider this animated gif of a cat.

poll call


Thank you, you’re the best, and thanks for reading our comics in the first place,

-Toonhole Mike

Toonhole At Wondercon Now!

Toonhole is at WONDERCON this weekend only; March 16-18. Small Press Table 26.

We’re in everyone’s favorite city…ANAHEIM!  We’re skipping Disneyland this whole weekend for WONDERCON 2012.

Drop by and say hello…and maybe even walk away with a free Toonhole comic book.  We’ve got prints, books, firm hand shakes and tuna sandwiches!

We’re at Small press table 26, easily found behind the bathrooms and the passed out storm trooper.