Working on Website Upgrades

Hey there Toonholigans! As some of our return viewers may have noticed the site looks a bit different.

We’re currently hard at work on some website upgrades (visually and under the hood). It’s gonna be a long term process but we think it will ultimately be worth it; faster website load times, better mobile view, and ultimately better overall navigation for archives and story modes.


Please be patient while we’re hard at work and please feel free to message us on our CONTACT US page or simply leave us a comment here or anywhere on the site (trust us, we’ve read nearly all of them) and let us know if you find any strange bugs or portals into the matrix!

Thanks gang!

-Toonhole Mike

New Toonhole Toon Next Week

Check out our newest cartoon featuring Gumphry, the world’s second biggest loser. To be released next week on June the 14th.

A story about a man and his best friend, R.O.B.O.T.

Can we ever find happiness?

That and other deep philosophical questions will be answered in this new Toonhole joint!




-Toonhole Mike

Comic Boo Boo

Hey there Toonholigans!
We made a little boo boo mistake last Friday. We accidentally double posted Ryan’s awesome new cartoon and todays comic.

Just a little mistake. Don’t worry we got plenty of comics & stuff abrewin’ ahead.
But to make up for last friday’s double post and to keep the entertainment value up…here’s a free wallpaper sketch of a hairy dude in a dancing line.



The Toonhole gang (Ryan, Mike, Chris and John)