Hemp Con and New Banner!

Hey Toonhooligans!

We went to Hemp Con in San Jose and had a blast!

It was great introducing some new folks to ToonHole, and spreading around a couple laughs and sweaty handshakes. People really loved the new books (my favorite of the series so far) and a bunch of our prints found new homes with loving families.

Another small tidbit for those interested: we’re offering ad space at the top of our page now. It’s the Project Wonderful ad. Yeah, at the very top, ya dummy. Go ahead and look; this post will still be here when you get back. Nobody knows yet, so it’s super cheap. Go snatch some up for your fashion blog or holistic medicine website.

The Gang

ComicMix Tournament: Round 1.

By some divine intervention, or perhaps an act of pity, we made it past the first cut of the ComicMix Tournament. If anybody would like to help out their good pals at ToonHole, all it takes is two clicks: one on the checkbox next to Toonhole and one on the VOTE button. You can do it over here:


Thanks, toonhooligans.

All the regular disheveled morons that run this site

Frontpage of the Internet.

One of our ToonHole comics made it to Reddit’s frontpage! It’s really exciting to know that people like our content enough to share it. Unfortunately the tags/credit was stripped from the image, and it got hosted on imgur.

Now, it’s not a bad problem that people would like to share my work. I’m really happy about it! But it would also be nice for people who like the comic to get exposed to the rest of the content that we work hard to put out. So I’m asking any of you that want to help, please upvote this nice comment that links the source. I want to get it to the top of the list so that folks who view the comments might come here:


Here’s a little anecdote about the Space High Five comic. NASA had a booth at WonderCon and the NASA folks were taking a break. They came up to our booth, spotted the oversized print, and told me they wanted to take one to NASA’s HQ in Houston. I asked for photo evidence when it’s on the wall in Houston but never got it. I can’t confirm it ever made it. But I’d like to think somewhere, a NASA employee that’s much smarter than me saw it and remarked:

“Houston, we have a swearing problem.”

Thanks guys.
Your pal,
Toonhole Chris

NEW FILM: “The Deposit”

Hey Toonhooligans.

We just put up a new one. You guys can check it out here: http://www.toonhole.com/2012/04/the-deposit/

We need your help. We’ve been getting a good response to our films, but we’re really trying to reach out and get in front of a lot of new people. If you liked today’s film and you have accounts at these other sites, think that you guys could vote for our content?

— FunnyOrDie:
— YouTube:
— Reddit:
— Tumblr:
— FunnyJunk:
— 9gag:

It would really help us out. Thanks so much!

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