Hi degenerates (aka ToonHole readers)! After over 7 years of releasing comics 3 days a week, conventions, book releases, long format comics, and animated cartoons, we’ve amassed an audience larger than we ever thought possible. As a matter of fact, we here at ToonHole HQ have finally achieved what we believe is the next chapter in our story of success! ToonHole’s achievements and profits over time have finally allowed us the opportunity to continue living the fat cat lifestyle we’ve become accustomed to while offering you only TWO COMICS A WEEK from here on out! That’s right, the old Mon-Wed-Fri schedule is a thing of the past and now MONDAY and FRIDAY will be your only two favorite days of the week (sorry Wednesday)! It is our hope that with this new schedule you’ll have greater anticipation and appreciation for the now slightly less frequent published content.

If some of you are worried with how you’ll cope with less ToonHole per week, fret not! You can add ToonHole and each individual artist to your social media feed! Where you’ll get your fill of throwback comics you may have missed, behind the scenes action, and other distractions to keep you from achieving your goals.

Thanks for your devout readership and see you on MONDAYS and FRIDAYS!

Toonhole MGMT


Welp, that’s a wrap for our SEASON 2! Hope you guys enjoyed some of the films, comics and contests we had! It’s back to our regular scheduled content from here on out.


Here’s a Season Recap in case you missed anything! First up we had the Alzheimer’s Cop cartoon:


Then we tossed out a hilariously frustrating film called Pissed:


We followed that up with Dirtbag Planet:


Then we dropped a 30 page epic titled “Peace Treaty of Death” starring Dallas T. Washington. You can start the series here:

And lastly we had our 2016 CAPTION CONTEST! We had +150 entries and you can read all of them here:
Congrats again to our winner, João Parreira!

Until next time, ToonHooligans! Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more!

The Gang