Welcome to Toonhole.Com

Hi, we’re Toonhole, and we’re a website. We’ve been a website for little under a month. We have a problem. We post comics and cartoons every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We need your support. Please come back and help us overcome this disease. Laughter’s the best medicine.

(Physical) Love,

Read what the critics are saying:

“To call Toonhole dot com hilarious is an understatement. It’s also vile, despicable, and not meant for any civilized society!”
– Mary Ellen Macentyre, Southern New Mexico Gazette

“Toonhole dot com, the best idea for a website since pets dot com, mysimon dot com, and all the other dot coms that have gone under.”
– Marc Delagrammatikas, Valley Glen High School Janitorial Artist

“For years, computer manufacturers have spent billions in a constant race to improve computer graphics. Then came Toonhole dot com, thus dawning a new age of visual dehancements on the computer.
– Esther Billingham, Cat Fancy Magazine

“What is this crap?”
– Your Confused Father