Sep 28Vows
Sep 26Cat Lady
Sep 23Public School
Sep 21Modern Bank Robbery
Sep 19I Want To Be Famous
Sep 16Perfection
Sep 14Leave A Note
Sep 12Selling Crack
Sep 9Live In The Moment
Sep 7Beauty Standards
Sep 5Permission To Land
Sep 2Conserve Electricity
Aug 31To Be Honest
Aug 29Whipped Cream Bikini
Aug 26Your Leaders
Aug 24Don’t Shoot
Aug 22Life Is Worth Living
Aug 19Out Of His Shell
Aug 17Going To Bed Angry
Aug 14Never Take Drugs
Aug 12This Tall To Ride
Aug 10The Doctor Has Some News
Aug 8Healthy Choices
Aug 5Smoke Signals
Aug 3Turned On
Aug 1Change The World
Jul 29Catching Pokemon
Jul 27Broken Heart
Jul 25First Time Home Owner
Jul 2220 Minute Wait
Jul 20Nice Tattoos
Jul 18Tear Duct Surgery
Jul 15Pokemon Go
Jul 13Keep The Change
Jul 11Life On Mars
Jul 8My Next Trick
Jul 6Binge Watching
Jul 4Who You Know
Jul 1The Gym
Jun 29Spreading Democracy
Jun 26Period
Jun 24Baby Shower
Jun 22Your Message
Jun 20Gun Protection
Jun 17Last Words
Jun 16Dallas T. Washington – Pages 28-29
Jun 15Legal Weed
Jun 14Dallas T. Washington – Pages 26-27
Jun 13Bomb Threat
Jun 10He’s Gone Too Far
Jun 9Dallas T. Washington – Pages 24-25
Jun 8Alternate Theory Of Evolution
Jun 7Dallas T. Washington – Pages 22-23
Jun 6Breakdancing
Jun 3Waiting For Someone
Jun 2Dallas T. Washington – Pages 20-21
Jun 1Living The Dream
May 31Dallas T. Washington – Pages 18-19
May 30Grandpa Is Choking
May 27Whole Bunch Of Money
May 26Dallas T. Washington – Pages 16-17
May 25City Inspector
May 24Dallas T. Washington – Pages 14-15
May 23Catch Your Break
May 20Dark Lord Lucifer
May 19Dallas T. Washington – Pages 12-13
May 18Replaced By Robots
May 17Dallas T. Washington – Pages 10-11
May 16Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
May 13What Floor
May 12Dallas T. Washington – Pages 8-9
May 11Where Do Babies Come From
May 10Dallas T. Washington – Pages 6-7
May 9Time Alone
May 6Spare A Dollar
May 5Dallas T. Washington – Pages 4-5
May 4The New Guy
May 3Dallas T. Washington – Pages 2-3
May 2Gross Habit
Apr 29Cookies
Apr 28Dallas T. Washington – page 1
Apr 27Scarecrow
Apr 26Destruction
Apr 25Just Friends
Apr 22Dogs Are Stupid
Apr 21Rome
Apr 20Time For Change
Apr 19Extra Extra
Apr 18Circumcision
Apr 15Sharing Feelings
Apr 14Dirtbag Planet
Apr 13Feel The Bern
Apr 12Pissed
Apr 11New Job
Apr 8Squirrel In Road
Apr 7Alzheimer’s Cop
Apr 6Rape Pillage Burn
Apr 5Caption Contest 2016
Apr 4Season 2 Kickoff
Apr 1They Grow Up So Fast
Mar 30Make A Wish
Mar 28Hold Hands
Mar 25Math Hurts
Mar 23Completely Deaf
Mar 21All You Can Eat
Mar 18A Couple Drinks
Mar 16Alcoholic
Mar 14Candle lit Dinner
Mar 11More Coffee
Mar 9Relationship Labels
Mar 7Utopian Society
Mar 4Turn Off All Electronic Devices
Mar 2Buy You A Drink
Feb 29Sick Roommates
Feb 26Vampires Drink
Feb 24Lingerie
Feb 22Good Cop Bad Cop
Feb 19Like What You See
Feb 17Get You Some Help
Feb 15The One Percent
Feb 12Super Mario
Feb 10Order Something
Feb 8Trust A Fart
Feb 5That Scar
Feb 3Date A Doctor
Feb 1I Love You
Jan 29Putting Others Down
Jan 27Overdose
Jan 25Priceless Artifact
Jan 22Compromise
Jan 20Camo-Print
Jan 18Praying For You
Jan 15Forest Talk
Jan 13Someone Special
Jan 1115 Dollars An Hour
Jan 8Save The Bees
Jan 6World Class
Jan 4Why Did I Do This To Myself
Jan 1Dumb Fish


Dec 30Acknowledge My Prescence
Dec 28Relationship Talk
Dec 25Xmas The Unwrapping
Dec 23Family Game Night
Dec 21Autograph
Dec 18Food Allergies
Dec 16300 Year Slumber
Dec 14Normal Job
Dec 11Christmas Tradition
Dec 9Sell My Soul
Dec 7Star Wars
Dec 4Reason To Live
Dec 2What Would You Like For Christmas?
Nov 30Great Conversation
Nov 27Paint Job
Nov 25Great Portfolio
Nov 23Haggling
Nov 20The Autopsy
Nov 18Brain Dead
Nov 16First Period
Nov 13One Night Stand
Nov 11In Forever 2
Nov 9Chocolate Ladies
Nov 6Start-Up Business
Nov 4Lives Matter
Nov 2Together Forever
Oct 30Let’s Go Adventure
Oct 28Lousy Lover
Oct 26Garfield Hates Mondays
Oct 23Old Wives Tale
Oct 21Don’t Hit Women
Oct 19Black Eye
Oct 16Best Dad
Oct 14Last Words
Oct 12Dating A Porn Star
Oct 9Meat Is Murder
Oct 7First Contact
Oct 5School Dance
Oct 2Similar Opinions
Sep 30Vacation Time
Sep 28Special Moment
Sep 25Pool Shark
Sep 23Parkinson’s Disease
Sep 21Life Lesson
Sep 18Reality
Sep 16Apple For Teacher
Sep 14Letter To The Pope
Sep 11Bathroom Privacy
Sep 9Last Black Rhinos
Sep 7Every Day Routine
Sep 4Birthday Wish
Sep 2Elongated Coins
Aug 31Hi Grandma
Aug 28Fist Bump
Aug 26Have A Margarita
Aug 24Kill The Fascist
Aug 21Dining Alone
Aug 19Dog Trapped In Car
Aug 17Parents Phone Call
Aug 14Almost Finished
Aug 12Growth Ray
Aug 10The Great Pizza and Ranch Tragedy of 1994
Aug 7Ash Ketchum
Aug 5Paparazzi
Aug 3Gender Identity
Jul 31Drug Use
Jul 29War is Hell
Jul 27Using Me
Jul 24Betting Zoo
Jul 22Raw Diet
Jul 20Magical Toad
Jul 17Letting Go
Jul 15Greatest Weakness
Jul 13Nice Beard
Jul 10Lack Of Dedication
Jul 8One Leg At A Time
Jul 6What to Order
Jul 3One Dollar
Jul 1Texting
Jun 29Toothfairy
Jun 26How Do I Look?
Jun 24Sleep Over
Jun 22I’m Not Racist, But
Jun 19Catch Them All
Jun 17Spit
Jun 15Nuclear Arsenal
Jun 12Cat Stuck In Tree
Jun 10Autobots Roll Out
Jun 8Soda Jerk
Jun 5Punk Logic
Jun 3Give Me Your Arm
Jun 1Finish Your Dinner
May 29Weight Loss Consultant
May 27Royal Treatment
May 25Save the Trees
May 22Land Of Opportunity
May 20The Taxidermist
May 18Abandoned
May 15Bookworm
May 13Try New Things
May 11Child Psychiatrist
May 8Scheming
May 6And a Large Drink
May 5TOONHOLECHRIS Patreon Video
May 4Sexual Desires
May 1What a Gentlemen
Apr 29Cutting
Apr 27Give It To Me Straight Doc
Apr 24Say You’re Sorry
Apr 22Politically Correct Man
Apr 20Trust in the Lord
Apr 17Streaking
Apr 15The Fortune Teller
Apr 13Burn In Hell
Apr 10Swing Your Partner Round and Round
Apr 8Juice Cleanse
Apr 6Stolen Goods
Apr 3Nothing Nice To Say
Apr 1The Cartoon Take
Mar 30Low Carb Diet
Mar 27Robot Psychiatrist
Mar 25Taco Tuesday
Mar 23Do You Love Me
Mar 20Charity
Mar 18Netflix
Mar 16Can You Pull Over I need to Go
Mar 13Ever Wonder
Mar 11Drill Sergeant
Mar 9Let Us Pray for Jenny
Mar 6Therapy
Mar 4New Doctor
Mar 2Intervention
Feb 27Cake
Feb 25First Impression
Feb 23Decent Clothes
Feb 20Where Babies Come From
Feb 18Pushing My Buttons
Feb 16Knighted
Feb 13Heavy Breathing
Feb 11Empty Wallet
Feb 9The Spitball
Feb 6Spock
Feb 4Commitment
Feb 2Harassment
Jan 30Graffiti on the Wall
Jan 28Cancer Bracelet
Jan 26BFF
Jan 23Urban Legend
Jan 21Not Very Bright
Jan 19Grandpa Was Stubborn
Jan 16Dirty Magazines
Jan 14Elevator
Jan 12Fresh Ground Pepper
Jan 9Future You
Jan 7Fashion Advice
Jan 5Cop Ticket
Jan 2Price Of Booze


Dec 31Equal Work Equal Pay
Dec 29Rodney
Dec 26Death of Splinter
Dec 24Santa Knows
Dec 22It’s Not U It’s Me
Dec 19Not Built Like They Used To
Dec 17Internet Argument
Dec 15Worst Man In The World
Dec 12Priest Jokes
Dec 11Open Season
Dec 10Park Ranger Mystery
Dec 8Peace Pipe
Dec 5Shoot The Wedding
Dec 3Bullet Dodged
Dec 1Scalping
Nov 28Marry Outside Culture
Nov 26Cancer Awareness
Nov 24Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
Nov 21Lost Keys
Nov 19Are We There?
Nov 17Honest Work
Nov 14Nice Girl’s Bike
Nov 12The 11th Commandment
Nov 10Attack of the Drones
Nov 7Mean Comics
Nov 5Star Wars Original Ending
Nov 3Massive Debt
Oct 31Michael’s Caddy
Oct 29Sexy Legs
Oct 27High As A Kite
Oct 24Borrow 20 Dollars
Oct 22Blind Man Deaf Man
Oct 20Feminist
Oct 17Gun Safety
Oct 15Son, Be A Doctor
Oct 13Creationism 101
Oct 10Earl Huxley
Oct 8Anything I Can Do
Oct 6Jesus Is Love
Oct 3Cavemen
Oct 1Cutting In Line
Sep 29Introduce My Better Half
Sep 26Prom Date
Sep 24Like Me On Facebook
Sep 22Courtship
Sep 19The Idea
Sep 17Real Estate
Sep 15Grim Reaper Visit
Sep 12The View
Sep 10Seafood Burrito
Sep 8I’m Pregnant
Sep 5Movie Critic
Sep 3Blind Date Flowers
Sep 1Fad Diet
Aug 29Hippie Stick Up
Aug 27Prius
Aug 25Job Done Right
Aug 22Speed Dating
Aug 20Father Son
Aug 18It’s Not Easy Being A Philanderer
Aug 15Twitter
Aug 13Condescending
Aug 11Fly’s Down
Aug 8Requesting Backup
Aug 6Captain America’s Date
Aug 4Michael Bay’s Pacman
Aug 1Lack of Direction
Jul 30Clean Up After Your Dog
Jul 28Drink Your Sorrows Away
Jul 25Penguin Husbands
Jul 23Dessert Menu
Jul 21Carbon Footprint
Jul 18Never Enough Time
Jul 16Pay For That
Jul 14Electric Chair
Jul 11First Time Flying
Jul 9See Other People
Jul 7Posture
Jul 4Hair In Soup
Jul 2Bad Girls
Jun 30Allergic To Cats
Jun 27Silent Auction
Jun 25Mr. Right
Jun 23Orphan of the Year
Jun 20Flash Date
Jun 19Washington Redskins New Mascot
Jun 18Used For Sex
Jun 16Parrot
Jun 13Italian Dating
Jun 11Donation
Jun 9My Precious
Jun 6Best Friend Forever
Jun 4I Love You
Jun 2Get Off My Lawn
May 30Restroom Key
May 28Serious Relationship
May 26Beautiful Butterfly
May 23PTSD
May 21Wizard of Oz
May 19Cloud Gazing
May 16Defense Attorney
May 14One Beer
May 12NWO Burger
May 9The Legend of Musashi
May 8Season 1 Wrap Up
May 7Temporary Tattoo
May 6Cartoon Court – The Final Judgement
May 5The First Idea
May 2Riot
May 1Cartoon Court – Only God Can Judge Me
Apr 30Musician
Apr 29Cartoon Court – Illegal Alien
Apr 28Jedi Mind Tricks
Apr 25Keg Funeral
Apr 24Cartoon Court: Public Indecency
Apr 23Body Heat
Apr 22Cartoon Court: Snow White
Apr 21Ten Plagues
Apr 18Never Be Famous
Apr 17Cartoon Court: Verbal Assualt
Apr 16Enlightened
Apr 15Deleted Lion King Scene
Apr 14Burning Bush
Apr 11Vulture
Apr 10The Trick
Apr 9Getting Stoned
Apr 8Caption Contest #2 Winner Announcement
Apr 7Broken Lamp
Apr 4Too Many Bills
Apr 3Khaleesi Kompilation
Apr 2One Upper
Apr 1Khaleesi Khartoon Episode 3 – Consensual Khaleesi
Mar 31Urinal Prank
Mar 28Micro-Brew
Mar 27Khaleesi Khartoon – Blood of My Bloods
Mar 26Jesus is my Co-Pilot
Mar 25A Khaleesi Khartoon
Mar 24Clown Car
Mar 21Jiggle
Mar 20Season 1 Kickoff
Mar 19Comic Process
Mar 17Blast-Off
Mar 14Al Qaeda Tapes
Mar 13First Ever Second Caption Contest
Mar 12Hangover
Mar 10Captain Pushover
Mar 7Faith Healer
Mar 5Adventure Time
Mar 3Close Call
Feb 28Kentucky Freud Chicken
Feb 26Teeth Whitening
Feb 24Dog Restaurant
Feb 21Police Bribe
Feb 19Long Distance Relationship
Feb 17Role Playing
Feb 14Executioner Date
Feb 12Amoeba Threesome
Feb 10High Cupcake Comic
Feb 7Raise Request
Feb 5Big Bad Wolf
Feb 3Black Stereotypes
Jan 31Human Torch Doctor Visit
Jan 29Braille Museum
Jan 27Surgeon 5 Bucks
Jan 24Rookie
Jan 22Operating Table
Jan 20Life Is Great
Jan 17Anti-Semity Sam
Jan 15Cry Baby
Jan 13Tyrone Gangster
Jan 10Control Freak
Jan 8Fortune Teller
Jan 6NO
Jan 3Finding Myself
Jan 1Black Metal Life


Dec 30Premature Toast
Dec 27Her First Time
Dec 25Been A Long Time
Dec 23Desparate Junkies
Dec 20My Clit
Dec 18Noble Beaver
Dec 16Baseketball Autograph
Dec 13Crucifixion
Dec 11Sleeping Beauty
Dec 9Gandalf Says
Dec 6Too Soon Dinosaur
Dec 4Marathon Runner
Dec 2Water Sports
Nov 29Friends
Nov 27Sorry For Your Loss
Nov 25Hypochondria
Nov 22Wonderful Dream
Nov 21First Caption Contest Winner
Nov 20No Failure
Nov 18Funny Comics
Nov 15Forensics
Nov 13Office Meetings
Nov 11Sushi Bar
Nov 8Growing Love
Nov 7The First Caption Contest
Nov 6Rape Whistle
Nov 472 Versions
Nov 1Are You Cold?
Oct 30Kiss Cam
Oct 28Evolution and the Bible
Oct 25Lung Transplant
Oct 24Between a Rock and a Socially Awkward Place
Oct 23Gym Rat
Oct 21Second Thoughts
Oct 18Trick or Treat
Oct 16Poker
Oct 14Pay The Boss
Oct 11Didn’t Get From Me
Oct 9Boring Sex Life
Oct 7Illiterate Dad
Oct 4Use The Force
Oct 2Lunch Note From Mother
Sep 30Ambush Makeover
Sep 27Why God Why?
Sep 25Home Sweet Home
Sep 23Hog Heaven
Sep 20Piñata Murder
Sep 18Susan Marry Me
Sep 16Rough Neighborhood
Sep 13Girl Talk
Sep 11Crazy Talk
Sep 9Housing Market
Sep 6Poolboy
Sep 4Dentist Visit
Sep 2Beg For Cash
Aug 30Wizard Sex
Aug 28Thundercats Hooo!
Aug 26The Exchange
Aug 23Death Before Dishonor
Aug 21All In
Aug 19The Little Mermaid
Aug 16Just Married
Aug 14High Heels
Aug 12Thor’s New Job
Aug 9911 Emergency
Aug 7Sex Sex Sex
Aug 5The Unknown
Aug 2Got A Light
Jul 31Testicle Cancer
Jul 29Wishing Well
Jul 26Pawn Stars
Jul 24Men’s Brains
Jul 22The Red Coats
Jul 19DNA Test
Jul 17Carnival Hammer
Jul 15Newlyweds
Jul 12Gay Drink
Jul 10Birthday Surprise
Jul 8Lazy CEO
Jul 5Waiting Room
Jul 3Political News Watch
Jul 1Pimp Tax
Jun 28Borrow Some Milk
Jun 26Aquaman
Jun 24Mani Pedi
Jun 21Body Bag
Jun 19How To Speak in Public
Jun 17MLK Assassination
Jun 14Gumphry – The World’s Second Biggest Loser
Jun 12Been Clean for 2 Weeks
Jun 10Superman’s Other Weakness
Jun 7Jabba’s Check Up
Jun 6Gumphry Trailer
Jun 5Execution Day
Jun 3Seal Team Six
May 31Smoke Break
May 29Disgusting Habit
May 27A Real Nice Guitar
May 24Firefighter Rescue
May 22Stalker
May 20Stop The Olympics
May 17Only The Best
May 15Joe The Plumber
May 13Saint Jude’s Prom
May 10Moon Walking
May 8Tinman vs. Ironman
May 6Owl Inquisition
May 3Hot and Black
May 1Mo’ Money Mo’ Bullies
Apr 29Giving Birth
Apr 26The Blind Date
Apr 24Compassionate Priest
Apr 22Van Kidnapper
Apr 19Bridge Suicide
Apr 17Sharia Strip Club
Apr 15Herpes Statistics
Apr 12Don’t Care Bears
Apr 10Teaching A Child
Apr 8Indiana Jones
Apr 5Love At First Sight
Apr 3Chase Bank
Apr 1The Native Mohawk
Mar 29Take Out
Mar 27Waterboarding
Mar 25Tip For A Big Penis
Mar 22Surgery
Mar 20iPhone
Mar 18Carpet Match the Drapes
Mar 15Cherry Pie
Mar 13Wine Tasting
Mar 11Not Again
Mar 8Big Heart
Mar 6Excuses
Mar 4Wearing A Wire
Mar 1If Game of Thrones Was Animated
Feb 27Mushrooms
Feb 25Glasses Are Sexy
Feb 22The Emperor’s New Condoms
Feb 20Big Beard
Feb 18Pregnancy Test
Feb 15Tentacle Porn Star
Feb 13Romeo and Juliet
Feb 11Snooty
Feb 8Provenance
Feb 6Staring At Breasts
Feb 4There Is No God
Feb 1Hunting
Jan 30Mark-E-Mouse
Jan 28Doctor’s Advice
Jan 25Badge And Gun
Jan 23Superhero Toys
Jan 21Gas Prices
Jan 18Financial Advice
Jan 16This Next Song
Jan 14Never Finish Anything
Jan 11Graduation Ceremony
Jan 9Goodbye Cruel World
Jan 7Shoot and Win a Prize
Jan 4Adoption Agency
Jan 2Vegetarians Eat Vegetables


Dec 31Bad Word Baby
Dec 28I Swear I Flushed
Dec 26Here Or To Go
Dec 24Naughty List
Dec 21Girls Gone Wild
Dec 19The Mayan Calendar 2012
Dec 17Santa Wish
Dec 14Praying Works
Dec 12Undercover Cop
Dec 10Bilbo Baggins Airport
Dec 7Curious George Plays Games
Dec 5Baseball Heckler
Dec 3Breast Feeding
Nov 30Lunch Money
Nov 28Making Love
Nov 26Most Intelligent Organism on the Planet
Nov 23How Many Licks
Nov 21Mushrooms Are Bunk
Nov 19Prison Revenge
Nov 16Rock and Roll Career
Nov 14No Coffin
Nov 12Veteran’s Day
Nov 9Chivalry Isn’t Dead
Nov 7Anorexia Help
Nov 52001 A Dance Revolution
Nov 2Wolverine
Oct 31Whose Lipstick
Oct 29Halloween Costumes
Oct 26Vampire Killers
Oct 24Jumped In
Oct 22Daddy’s Secret
Oct 19That Old Time Religion
Oct 17Personal Trainer
Oct 15When I Grow Up
Oct 12That’s Right I Quit!
Oct 10Make Change
Oct 8Jokes
Oct 5Voodoo Doll
Oct 3Fortune
Oct 1Price Check
Sep 28Wet Towel
Sep 26Bed Wetter
Sep 24Fish Suicide
Sep 21Joe The Plumber
Sep 19Swear Jar
Sep 17Watching Sports
Sep 14Grand Opening
Sep 12Father’s Ashes
Sep 10Self Esteem
Sep 7Name of God
Sep 5Mermaid Conundrum
Sep 3Company Is Saved
Aug 31Swear Jar Account
Aug 29Special Tatoo
Aug 27Nihilist Bullies
Aug 24Fur Is Murder
Aug 22Hot Girlfriend
Aug 20Your Son is Dead
Aug 17Extra Large Lots of Cheese
Aug 15Nature Hike
Aug 13I Feel Like I Can Almost Touch It
Aug 10Agent Dudley
Aug 8Take a Number
Aug 6Pull My Finger
Aug 3Radical Jesus
Aug 1Excited Astronomer
Jul 30Football Kicker
Jul 27Discount Suits
Jul 25Everyone Gets Laid
Jul 23Chicken Battle
Jul 20Rainy Day Savings
Jul 18Prom Night
Jul 16Clown Births
Jul 13Dope Ride
Jul 11Shitty Groom
Jul 9Video Gamer
Jul 6A Little Wider
Jul 4Dad’s Gun
Jul 2Kinds of People
Jun 29Will Work for Work
Jun 27Diabetes
Jun 25The Wave
Jun 22Octopus Rape
Jun 20Musical Auditions
Jun 18Fortune Cookie Truths
Jun 15Ethiopian Food
Jun 13Popularity Contest
Jun 11Grim Raper
Jun 8Records
Jun 6So Misunderstood
Jun 4Back in 5 Funeral
Jun 1Congress Woman
May 30Doctor Rabbitewitz
May 28Public Showers
May 25New Confidence
May 23Story Time
May 21Teenage Werewolf
May 18Frankensteinowitz
May 16Race Track
May 14Will Not Rape
May 11Wrestling Is Fake
May 9Two Kinds of People
May 7Couples Hypnotist
May 4Cheater
May 2Trophy Hunting
Apr 30File Cabinets
Apr 27Too Hot
Apr 25How to Feel Superior
Apr 23Last Phone Call
Apr 20No Discounts
Apr 18Homeless Turtle
Apr 16No Smoking
Apr 13Sir Shit
Apr 11Clean Your Room
Apr 9Musical Chairs World Champ
Apr 6The Deposit
Apr 4Roadrunner Habit
Apr 2Baby’s First Steps
Mar 30Coming Out
Mar 28Arab Wife
Mar 26Tourist Season
Mar 23What’s That Spell?
Mar 21Must Wash Hands
Mar 19Varsity Team
Mar 16Grandma’s Project
Mar 14Knight’s Spoils
Mar 12Home School Reunion
Mar 9No Returns
Mar 7AA Meeting
Mar 5Rhino Thieves
Mar 2Peanuts
Feb 29Don’t Hit Your Wife
Feb 27Creeper Date
Feb 24Scam Artist
Feb 22Modern Upgrades
Feb 20Life Sucks
Feb 17I’m Melting
Feb 15Until Marriage
Feb 13Cupcake Love
Feb 10Chicken Stereotype
Feb 8Care to Dance
Feb 6Message In A Bottle
Feb 3Wife Didn’t Make It
Feb 1Stick Up
Jan 30Clarissa Didn’t Explain Shit
Jan 27Graffiti Justice
Jan 25Aladdin’s Lamp
Jan 23Recession
Jan 20Masturbating Psychologist
Jan 18The Stand Off
Jan 16Bum Life
Jan 13Car Sales
Jan 11Hair Brush
Jan 9Monkey Bar
Jan 6No Littering
Jan 4Just Say When
Jan 2I’ll Take Two Shots


Dec 30Dolphin Trick
Dec 28Temp Agency
Dec 26Priorities
Dec 23Fire House #469
Dec 21Pan’s Flute
Dec 19Sleeping Good Personality
Dec 16One Last Wish
Dec 14Dough Boy
Dec 12Driving Home
Dec 9Sexy New Dress
Dec 7Santa Claus Preps
Dec 5Rudolph’s Secret
Dec 2Touched By An Angel
Nov 30Four Leaf Clover
Nov 28Pizza Romance
Nov 25Gardeners in Hawaii
Nov 23Dart Death
Nov 21Scrawny and Weak
Nov 18Eating Disorder
Nov 16The Wrong Thong (
Nov 14Nobody Likes Soccer
Nov 11Punctuality Seminar
Nov 9The Other Guy
Nov 7Hung Glider
Nov 3Moses: The College Years
Nov 2Let Yourself Go
Oct 31Ants
Oct 28Herd Animals
Oct 26VIP List
Oct 24Average Size
Oct 21American Budget Deficit
Oct 19Hall Of Justice
Oct 17First Wife
Oct 14MVP Celebration
Oct 12Flasher Surprise
Oct 11Happy Hour: Part 9 [End]
Oct 10Pregnant Smoker
Oct 7Invisible Man
Oct 6Happy Hour: Part 8
Oct 5Yoga Pants
Oct 4Happy Hour: Part 7
Oct 3Bar Flies – Lou the Frog
Sep 30Pinky and the Brain
Sep 29Happy Hour: Part 6
Sep 28Paranoia Convention
Sep 27Happy Hour: Part 5
Sep 26Security Checkpoint
Sep 23Wonder Woman
Sep 22Happy Hour: Part 4
Sep 21This Job Sucks
Sep 20Happy Hour: Part 3
Sep 19Small Pond
Sep 16Clean Fight
Sep 15Happy Hour: Part 2
Sep 14Evolution?
Sep 13Happy Hour: Part 1
Sep 12Make It Rain Dance
Sep 9The Adolescent Slug
Sep 8Lou the Frog Princess
Sep 7Props Department
Sep 6Lou the Drunk Frog: An Introduction
Sep 5Operation
Sep 2As I Lay Smoking – Featuring Lou The Frog
Aug 31Please Have Mercy
Aug 29Day 37
Aug 26Vegetable Patch
Aug 24Suicide Hotline
Aug 22Turtle Shells
Aug 19Foul Mouth
Aug 17Birthday Candles
Aug 15Lemonade
Aug 12Medical Bills
Aug 10Lie Detector
Aug 8Stayin’ Fly
Aug 5Digging
Aug 3Blind and Hungry
Aug 1The Pull Out Method
Jul 29The Ghetto
Jul 27What A Hike
Jul 25Cure for AIDS
Jul 22Whatever
Jul 20Critic Calculations
Jul 18Day 231
Jul 15The Boy Who Cried Allah
Jul 13Mirror, Mirror
Jul 11Sumo
Jul 8Fish Hospital
Jul 6Blind Urinal
Jul 4Never Catch Me Alive, Pigs!
Jul 1Balls Of Furry – Remey the Gnome
Jun 29Gimme an E!
Jun 27Sacrificial Virgin
Jun 24Sexual Fantasies
Jun 22Humps
Jun 20Party of Seven
Jun 17Piñata Massacre
Jun 15Oh Bother
Jun 13Happy Birthday
Jun 10This Just In
Jun 8Pull Yourself Together
Jun 6Gold Miners
Jun 1Cheating Mantis
May 30Fucking Furries
May 27Autograph
May 25Pimp Slap
May 23Dead End
May 20Car Chase
May 18Starving
May 16Buffet
May 13Some Last Words
May 11Osama Bin Laden’s 72 Virgins
May 9Amish From the FUTURE!
May 6The Dropout
May 4Say Aah
May 2Wings Of Death
Apr 29Hard Hat Area, Hard On Area
Apr 27Single Mother
Apr 25Still Lives with Mom
Apr 22Sea Whores
Apr 20Drunk Snake
Apr 18The Suicide of Captain Flappy
Apr 15S&M Jockey
Apr 13Ongoing Search for Extraterrestrial Life
Apr 11Fire Truck Emergency
Apr 8The Ugly Duckling
Apr 6The Wedding Planner
Apr 4Magic Sam’s Disappearing Act
Apr 1And Illiterate
Mar 30Keep Off the Grass
Mar 23Boyfriend’s Wish
Mar 16Come Out with Your Hands Up
Mar 14Scapegoat Convention
Mar 11Magic Card Trick
Mar 7The Mustache
Mar 2Overruled Again?
Feb 28Cocktopus
Feb 21Evolution?
Feb 18Dying Prohibited
Feb 16Bong Genie
Feb 9Dollar Balloons
Feb 4Mother’s Cooking
Feb 2Fairy Tale Ending
Jan 31After Much Deliberation
Jan 24Dishonest Pinocchio
Jan 17Hell or Wisconsin?
Jan 14Missing: Hansel and Gretel
Jan 12Lifeguard on Duty
Jan 10Drink of Choice
Jan 5Little Timmy
Jan 3Mullberry Heights


Dec 31Take Us To Your Leader
Dec 27Baby Naming
Dec 22Wife Tamer
Dec 20Breaking News
Dec 17Female Sex Addict Counseling
Dec 15Caught Dog
Dec 13Hitchhiker
Dec 10Krebslorch
Dec 8Walking the Dog
Dec 6How to Read
Dec 3How To Draw A Face
Dec 1Bigguns
Nov 29Unicorns Don’t Exist
Nov 26Another Tattoo
Nov 24Thanksgiving
Nov 22Clash of Cultures
Nov 17Cop Suicide
Nov 15Honest Abe
Nov 10Exhibit A
Nov 8Body Identification
Nov 3Trash
Nov 1Snake Stripper
Oct 29Street Vendor
Oct 25Amoeba
Oct 18Charming the Snake
Oct 15Gingerbread Man
Oct 11Space High Five
Oct 8Hair In Mine
Oct 6I Said Ribeye
Oct 4Ted Densley in Climbing The Corporate Ladder
Oct 1Voila!
Sep 29I Feel Strange
Sep 27Playing House
Sep 20Pallbearers
Sep 17Vegetable Thugs
Sep 13Dance Contest
Sep 10A Masterpiece!
Sep 6Physical Therapy
Sep 3Love At First Site
Sep 1Walk the Plank
Aug 23Possums Awake
Aug 20Invention of the Wheel
Aug 16Who Do Voodoo
Aug 13The Hypnotists
Aug 9Ice Cream Man
Aug 6Monster in the Closet
Aug 4Shazad’s Plumbing
Jul 30Vampire Visit
Jul 28Torture Rack
Jul 26Milking Time!
Jul 23The Congregation
Jul 21When Nature Calls
Jul 19Shoes Off In The House
Jul 14Heavy Suicide
Jul 9Deep Sea Exploring
Jul 7Air Pollution
Jul 5New Plant Life!
Jun 28Lobster Drama
Jun 25Frank’s New Hairdo
Jun 21Fire Fighter’s Emergency
Jun 16Mobster Meeting
Jun 14Amputee
Jun 11Drowning Fat Woman
Jun 4Found Nemo
May 31The Three Big Pigs
May 28Tip of the Iceberg
May 26First Shave
May 21The Glory of Child Birth
May 17Happy Clown
May 14Chicken Porn
May 12Jazz Band
May 10Christmas Prayer
May 7Elephant Trunk Envy
May 5Job Well Done
May 3The Meaning of Life
Apr 30Unfaithful
Apr 28Existential Olympics
Apr 26Lost Penguins
Apr 23Trees
Apr 21Foul Wizardry
Apr 19Evolution
Apr 16Alcohol Abuse
Apr 14Rock ‘n Roll Executioner
Apr 12Just the Tip
Apr 9Robot Blues
Apr 7Bad Ice Cream Man
Apr 5God Flicks
Apr 2Caught in the Act
Mar 29Fine Dining
Mar 26Conjoined Twin Conundrums
Mar 24Sam the Shark Hero
Mar 22Kosher Lover
Mar 19Fat Game Hunting
Mar 17A Strong Left Hook
Mar 15And Stay Out!
Mar 12Conjoined Twin Towers
Mar 10Jazz Charmer.
Mar 8Mazel Tov!
Mar 3First Band Tattoo
Mar 1The Birds and Bees
Feb 26Space Justice
Feb 22Homosexuality Is Wrong
Feb 19Heaven’s Entrance
Feb 15Fast Hamster
Feb 12True Love
Feb 10Scuba Diving
Feb 8Splinter
Feb 5Boyhood Dreams
Feb 1Cocky Portrait
Jan 29Free Beer
Jan 25New Scuba Diver
Jan 22Daniel’s First Foreclosure
Jan 20Viking Rudy’s First Pillage
Jan 18Priest’s Prayers Have Been Answered
Jan 15Cocaine Golf
Jan 11Final Dinosaur Wish
Jan 8Morning Wood
Jan 4Puke Chicks
Jan 1Smart Questions Get Smart Answers


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