Hi degenerates (aka ToonHole readers)! After over 7 years of releasing comics 3 days a week, conventions, book releases, long format comics, and animated cartoons, we’ve amassed an audience larger than we ever thought possible. As a matter of fact, we here at ToonHole HQ have finally achieved what we believe is the next chapter in our story of success! ToonHole’s achievements and profits over time have finally allowed us the opportunity to continue living the fat cat lifestyle we’ve become accustomed to while offering you only TWO COMICS A WEEK from here on out! That’s right, the old Mon-Wed-Fri schedule is a thing of the past and now MONDAY and FRIDAY will be your only two favorite days of the week (sorry Wednesday)! It is our hope that with this new schedule you’ll have greater anticipation and appreciation for the now slightly less frequent published content.

If some of you are worried with how you’ll cope with less ToonHole per week, fret not! You can add ToonHole and each individual artist to your social media feed! Where you’ll get your fill of throwback comics you may have missed, behind the scenes action, and other distractions to keep you from achieving your goals.

Thanks for your devout readership and see you on MONDAYS and FRIDAYS!

Toonhole MGMT

8 thoughts to “BIG NEWS…”

  1. That’s kind of sad beside that news.

    Does that mean someone is leaving or that the interest is starting to fade in the team?

    This is sad. As we said in my language : “The most beatiful stars will one day fade”.

    I just expect that you guys are fine and healthy. Because that’s the only thing that really matters.

    Long live to ToonHole !
    If this is the ring of a end, I hope you gonna find a peaceful life as you make me laugh so many times (everyone).

  2. Only ToonHole could pull off the stunt of pleasing its readers by releasing LESS content.

    And yes, I just now noticed this, so it’s news to me.


    I kept going up here on wednesdays and thinking “UGH WHY DON’T THEY UPDATE ON TIME I HATE THEM” but I was foolish and didn’t scroll down. Anyways, 3 day a week updates are hard shit, so I don’t blame you at all. It’s going to take some getting used to not coming here on wednesday. I seem to just do that without even thinking.

    but thats ok you guys do you guys love you bye!!!!!!!!!!

  4. YOU GREEDY CAPITILIST SKULLDUGGERS!! You may pull the wool over the eyes of the masses but not me! WAKE UP COWPLE! First they take Wednesday, then they move Monday to Tuesday, next thing you know they take over the world and enslave us with mind-control drugs! Believe me I’ve seen it all before!!
    At least that’s what the drugs tell me!!


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