Welp, that’s a wrap for our SEASON 2! Hope you guys enjoyed some of the films, comics and contests we had! It’s back to our regular scheduled content from here on out.


Here’s a Season Recap in case you missed anything! First up we had the Alzheimer’s Cop cartoon:


Then we tossed out a hilariously frustrating film called Pissed:


We followed that up with Dirtbag Planet:


Then we dropped a 30 page epic titled “Peace Treaty of Death” starring Dallas T. Washington. You can start the series here:

And lastly we had our 2016 CAPTION CONTEST! We had +150 entries and you can read all of them here:
Congrats again to our winner, João Parreira!

Until next time, ToonHooligans! Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more!

The Gang

4 thoughts to “SEASON RECAP!”

  1. What happened to “daily updates” Monday through Friday that you said were going to happen a few weeks ago? Did I read that wrong?

  2. Thanks for the info. After re-reading my comment, I think it came off a little snarky. I hope you know there was no criticism intended. I love the stuff you guys do and always look forward to your next toon. Thanks!


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