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Hey Toonhooligans! Looks like toonholechris put up his very own PATREON page! “But what’s a Patreon page?” you delicately ask. Well, you could click any of the various links peppered throughout this post and watch the entertaining video on my Patreon page, or watch it really small just below.

But to sum it up, Patreon let’s you support an artist on a monthly basis, with you setting how much you want to donate. As little as one dollar could really help toonholechris out! $2 gets you into his backer blog where he posts rejected comics, coloring process stuff, and other goodies that probably wouldn’t get released anywhere else. toonholechris plans on using your support to help make more films, live action and animated, for this site right here (the people’s favorite TOONHOLE.COM of course)! This is a chance for those of you who might use Adblock or just RSS our content to potentially show your support!

Thanks for listening! We appreciate all the support you loyal fans have given us already! Have a great week!

Your pals,
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