Really excited! The first ebook from toonholechris, “Between a Rock and a Socially Awkward Place”, is being sold through The Devastator’s new StoryBundle HERE:

You can get it for as low as $3. Here’s how it works:
– You can pay whatever you want ($3 minimum), and you get to decide what % goes to the publisher and what goes to the artist
– If you pay more than $12 for any book, you instantly get 3 extra books of the bundle
– All content is DRM free.
– Books available in mobile formats OR .pdf’s.

The other authors are KC GREEN of Gunshow/Regular Show fame, Yehudi Mercado of SuperMercado Comics & Films/Uncle Grandpa Comics, Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics, Joe Lo Truglio from MTV sketch show “the Slate”, Michael Showalter from MTV sketch show “the Slate” and the comedy trio “Stella”, David Wain the director of Wet Hot American Summer, and Liz Prince who made “Will You Still Love Me If I Wet the Bed?”


Happy reading!
The gang

p.s. Phyiscal copies can still be bought off of AMAZON!