Ryan’s New Toonhole Book Available!



For sale on Amazon!!  100+ pages of ToonholeRyan’s favorite comics over the past 4 years, with some colored JUST for this book.  A great addition to any collection of coffee table books…or coasters!  Show your support of Toonhole, books, and the economy by ordering your copy today:D

humbled author,
Ryan “Get Rich” Kramer


  1. adam says:

    this book changed my life! not for the better, mind you… but it changed my life! (ryan, you’re awesome brother!)

  2. Sekt says:

    These comics are kinda like Samuel L Jackson. He plays horrible characters and I can’t stand it, but he pulls them off so well that It’s impossible to not respect him as a great actor. Same with your comics. Some are great, some are horrible, but Toonhole in general is something you learn to either love or love to hate.

    Tl;Dr Your comics rule