Illiterate Dad


  1. doomroar says:

    Some day you will have to tell him, that you don’t know how to read, so it seems like a good idea, for you 2 to learn together, that way… he will never find out!!!

  2. 2910 says:

    very cute actually.

  3. Sir T-nawtical says:

    Until I read the comments, I thought the stranger was an extremely nasty and gory book, and that was all he could find, so he tried to tell Humpty-Dumpty in a panic and pray the kid couldn’t actually read the book.

  4. Michael says:

    Great choice of novel on the dad’s part, even though he can’t read it.

  5. Just stick to picture books. Your kid can grow up to be just like you! 😛

  6. Kurt says:

    I had someone write this for me. What are all the strange scratch marks under the comic? They are in the white squares next to the father and son’s head, too. And why is the person writing this laughing at me?

  7. Jacinta says:

    Love the choice of the novel XD