Crazy Talk


  1. Lukkai says:

    Nice collection of well-known theories that don’t hold out against a closer scrutiny of their proofs.
    The aliens in New Mexico thing ends up the most feasible one actually, once you get down to it.

  2. Keep that guy away from watching “Ancient Aliens” or anything from the history Channel! 😛

  3. Sir T-nawtical says:

    Everyone has their limit…

    Can’t believe people actually follow that shit.

    Now excuse me, I’ll be in my gun safe to protect myself from Obama who wants to take my guns away *puts on tinfoil hat while carrying my semi-auto*

  4. Oo says:

    According to a lot of engineer experts 9/11 IS an inside job 😀

    • Noah says:

      Well, if that’s the case, I bet there would be no problem to give a couple of their names.

      • Jerry says:

        You don’t need names, only a website. This holds all the info you need.

        • jogiff says:

          Cool evasion. Instead of answering the actual, concrete question you post a link to a website and give a vague assertion that this proves you right.

          • Michael says:

            There are now over 2000 engineers and architects who have to decided to fight the general population’s ignorance surrounding the evidence in this event. Yes, it may be scary to admit to ourselves that we were wrong but it’s better to learn, grow, and adapt towards what is true, than to maintain stationary in our knowledge and beliefs.

          • jogiff says:

            @Michael, well, at least you actually answered the question. But have you actually looked at the signatories’ credentials? Look at all the computer engineers. Only a fraction of the names have structural/civil engineering degrees. A quick perusal shows that some of them are even citing their “B.A. in Engineering”!
            A BA in Engineering is an informal degree for liberal arts students who took some engineering classes.
            Even if there were 2,000 real structural/civil/mechanical engineers/architects on that list, it would represent a small percentage of the structural/civil/mechanical engineers/architects who belong to organizations that vetted the official NIST report.

          • mrtt says:

            people have done a point by point rebuttal to every single one of the claims of those 9-11 conspiracy theorists.
            For example: “Steel doesn’t melt at the temperature airplane fuel burns at”
            Rebuttal: True, it just loses 90% of its strength while remaining solid, not enough to support a skyscraper’s weight. And furthermore it wasn’t just the fuel burning but all the stuff inside the building. (although that wouldn’t make it hotter).
            etc etc.

      • Oo says:

        There are 2 types of people
        – Who actually make sure that the information broadcasted on the national TV is correct
        – And those who would accept anything the TV throw in there brains

        A lot of videos and evidence has been omitted or deleted for sole purpose for the US government launch a full scale war on the Middle East

        For Example: Iraq “for Oil” and now Syria to extend Gas and Oil lines to their networks to benefit from it

    • Lukkai says:

      Only a very few actually. The vast majority, especially those from outside the States, call that theory utter rubbish.

      • Oo says:

        Actually only the STATES who claims it is utter rubbish and the other countries either follow whatever they say “for financial benefits” or there opinions get shut off away from spotlights so the US do whatever they want 🙂

  5. Pantho says:

    Ya know, some of your stuff is just boring and not overly amusing.

    However, major win on this one.
    I certainly chuckled 🙂

  6. DadaHyena says:

    There’s only so much crazy you can take in at once!

    • Macr0p0d says:

      I don’t know about you but every day I take in alot of crazy. Lot’s and lots of crazy. I just climb up onto the roof with the beer cooler and the lawn chair and just laugh as the flood of nut cases go by. If you try to fight that current you will get swept away.

    • FooFoo says:

      And yet, you still come back to the site. You’re tolerance – Top Tier, man.

  7. abowden says:

    I would have to agree that scientology is one of the crazier religions out there.

  8. Rebel Against the NWO says:

    one of these is certain and that is 9/11. If you think that pissed off muslims did it then you didnt do research on the topic.

    • jogiff says:

      What do you think about Scientology?

      • Oo says:

        I didn’t read a lot on Scientology but what i understand that they only believe in what they can prove by science.

        As a Muslim i disagree because there is a lot of things in this world you can not analyze it by Science. So i think they are afraid to believe in things that they don’t understand

        Now tell me, what do you know about Islam and what do you think of it :)?

        • Gagarin says:

          Do you want to talk about Aisha, one of The Prophet’s wives?

        • jogiff says:

          You obviously don’t know shit about Scientology.
          Since you apparently disapprove of science then you might actually like Scientology.
          As for Islam, I think it’s a false religion like any other, but if it helps people lead better lives then I’m fine with it.

    • Lukkai says:

      Watched and read quite a lot of what exponents of the inside job theory brought up. Interestingly enough, most proof videos and pictures they use actually disprove their own points if you watch closely and with an open mind. And no other evidence I’ve encountered in those over ten years has ever survived fifteen minutes of close scrutiny.

  9. Tar says:

    OMG, discussions…

    Hey Ryan, I like your comic! 😀

  10. Gagarin says:

    Hello, I am the lawyer representing The Church of Scientology™, and I just want to let you know that we’ll be filling a complaint for the unlawful use of the registered trademark The Church of Scientology™ at the court of the appropriate jurisdiction.

    We have also contacted the department responsible for Slanderous (But Probably True) Statements and Assertions, and they also manifested their intention of pursuing this matter through the legal system.

    Have a wonderful day, and remember to flush after you get rid of your body thetans.

    • haha. I wish this was real.

      • Azzy says:

        Hehea, that’d be something for sure, great comics by the way. Always found’em for a good chuckle every so often.

        I’m not much for politics, but, what’s happened, has happened, keep an eye out for more areas of sceurity with reason in the future is all i can say. We can’t figure out everything, so, just poke aroun when you can within reason, that’s my two cents.

  11. Sir T-nawtical says:

    Ok I just need to say that for some reason I desperately want this guy to be a recurring character. I don’t quite know how he’d be used, but he’s so well drawn that he seems more animated than your other characters. I know it sounds weird, but it’d be a shame if crazy conspiracy Conway only gets to star in one comic

  12. benjibarnes says:

    His left hand in the third frame looks like a deformed cock and balls.

  13. Hey if Tom Cruise believes it then I’m convinced