Vegetarians Eat Vegetables


  1. Kraehn says:

    Haha, love it !

  2. AlecDawesome says:

    Does Jimbe have a camel toe?

  3. Chase says:

    He won’t even know what hit him. Literally.

  4. I like how you added light spots on the hunters hiding in the bushes. Very nice attention to detail! 🙂

  5. zdanee says:

    It’s better for the environment and for the economy. Hell, it’s better for the vegetable too. I support Jimbe, I shall only eat vegetables from now on as well.

  6. darklyxx says:

    i knew where this was going, but i feel that you could have drawn the guy more like this

  7. Malachar says:

    The hardest part of a vegetable to eat is the wheelchair.

    Gotta tenderize it thoroughly.

  8. Murasume says:

    I’d almost say he’s doing a service to them~
    go you Timbe the Vegetable eater~

  9. Ryan says:

    The guy on the right looks like that undercover cop a bit. 😉

  10. Ryan says:

    So if he was lactose intolerant, would Pornstars be off the menu?

    • Sir T-nawtical says:

      He just needs to make the pornstar had a boob job. He can easily just spit out the plastic & Silicone.

      Source: Personal Experience in eating pornstars*

      *not quite in the context of this cartoon…

    • I think you mean pregnant women. Unless you’re calling pornstars… CHEESY! OH OH!! *starts banging on lockers*

  11. Farhaan says:

    What’s his recepie? O.o