Never Finish Anything


  1. Tar says:

    “I tried to be first and succeeded!”

  2. Chase says:

    Inception to the max!

  3. Chris, do you want to talk about it??? 😛

  4. AlecDawesome says:

    A pencil over each ear?

  5. j4rio says:

    Unfinished comics making no money? Who would have thought?

  6. Ryan says:

    story of my life.

    Needs to change badly.


  7. Steven says:

    She should get some rogaine for that combover.

  8. Stewartctor says:

    That’s what you get for holding a pencil behind both ears.

  9. TheLastMachine says:

    we all know your wife doesn’t have such big boobs

  10. darklyxx says:

    Of course Toonhole Chris would have made this comic

  11. Illandir says:

    *Gives gold star*

    You tried.

  12. jerichobajao says:

    Bendict: What are you saying???? if said the Artist Girl “Your Cartoons make No Money and You Never finishing Anything!!!!!”
    Charley: F*ck you little a$$h*les! you b*sterd!