Graduation Ceremony


  1. John says:

    They probably deserve to graduate if they can pull off their clothes without disturbing their graduation caps…

  2. Tar says:

    There’s also a stripper college for guys. Here’s someone’s graduation project:

  3. Zoriaan says:

    You guys really must’ve wanted to draw some boobs.

  4. Chase says:

    Toonhole college of dreams.

  5. How come the women in my figure drawing classes never looked like that?!

  6. TheLastMachine says:

    Is it me or this would make an awesome summer movie? Stripper College :B

  7. Ambs says:

    Makes me feel bad, thinking about all those poor women who have to work for years as nurses just to put themselves through stripper college.

  8. xtreme says:

    I swear… You really know how to draw those *fap*fap*fap

  9. Saeed says:

    So what do Stripper School dropouts become?

  10. Colleen says:

    Good one!!

  11. undergroundsponge says:

    They have to work as lawyers to get themselves through college.

  12. Hippopotosaurus says:

    You should have gone old school stripper and put tassels on their nipples. That would have been awesome 😀

  13. kirun says:

    their fathers must be so proud.

  14. Void says:

    So what, no male strippers? I thought this is the 21st century here!

  15. StealthBeast says:

    Where da black women at?