Santa Wish


  1. Tar says:

    … and a bar of soap 😛

    BTW First!

  2. Adren says:

    Considering that he got on the Knee and his Disguise only failed once he started to talk… i call Best Ninja EVER!

  3. Chase says:

    He’ll probably ask to tap one of those hot elves too.

  4. Sir T-nawtical says:

    DAMN! Those are some skinny legs on the last guy! I’m surprised that the legs kept him up long enough to get him out of his rascal, and onto Santa’s lap.


  5. Next thing he’ll ask for is someone to complain to.

  6. andarb says:

    On a less comic note – this reminds me of how insidious the idea of Santa really is. He comes around once a year, and if you’ve been good – and of course that’s important to the perpetrators of this myth – he’ll give you presents. Presents that no one has to pay for, they’re free!

  7. NoveltyFishHead says:

    He looks too jolly to be a smoker.

    His cherry nose and jolly ho ho ho, is based off of that good o’ fashion holiday whiskey.