Praying Works


  1. Some Random Guy says:

    The second guy looks to me like this isn’t the first time this has happened to him.

    Maybe the first time he died, though… or maybe not…

  2. Chase says:

    And do the journey into necrophilia begins.

  3. Gotta love the power of prayer. 😉

  4. Murasume says:

    god loves ugly people too~
    either way at best~
    those guys are either dead~
    or now paralyzed from that fall~

  5. T-nawtical says:

    Ladies, you probably shouldn’t take those two to the prom. They might just be a couple of stiffs for the night.

  6. Tar says:

    I think those guys were dead serious about not willing to date the meat lumps 😛

  7. darklyxx says:

    are those two the reason Sadie Hawkins dances were created

  8. Stoneage says:

    So the guys were in suits / tuxes. I think they were gay guys on their honeymoon. So the chicks lose, dead or alive.

  9. Ryan says:

    What they really need is a blind dude and a chubby chaser.

    But then again, God works in mysterious ways.

  10. Dan says:

    KTCHK? really?